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Meters and Fees:

Meters are read on or about the 30th day of each month.

Bills are mailed out prior to the 10th day of every month and are payable on or before the 1st day of the following month.

For your convenience, there is an outdoor utility drop box at City Hall on the alley side of the building.

On March 21, 2006 the Buhl City Council adopted Ordinance 06-01.  An ordinance relating to the placement of electrical meters.

This ordinance states: New or changed service installations shall be made at the expense of the property owner or the applicant for service.  Prior to the sale of any real estate served by the City electric service wherein any electric meter is located in the interior of the building, such meter shall be removed and, at the expense of the owner/seller, reinstalled on the exterior.  Failure to comply on or before closing of the sale of said real estate will result in termination of any existing electric service to that property and will result in the failure of said property to qualify for any new electric service.  Within ten (10) years of the effective date of this Section, all electrical meters located in the interior of any building served by City electric service must be and shall be relocated onto an exterior wall of the building served, at the expense of the owner or an applicant for service.  In addition, as to any property that is not sold, but to which the above provisions otherwise apply, if said property does not comply with the the other provisions above within the applicable time limits, a twenty percent (20%) surcharge on the monthly electric charge to said non-compliant property will be added to the monthly electric bill for said property.


2024 Utility Rate Schedule